Join Zig Zag and Rufus for a rivetting deep dive into all things cool! Highlights from this episode include:

Plumbing issues!
Dark beer!
Samsung appliances suck!
Requiem for the American Dream!
Donald Trump!
Skype sucks!
Make Bald Eagles Great Again!

Random Out-of-Context Quotes:

RUFUS: “It’s hard to gauge my IQ because I’m so smart I don’t believe in the same numbers as most geniuses.”

RUFUS’ DOG: “I don’t’ want to get kicked or punched…and I DO like pepperoni…therefore, I shall pee pee outside.”

RUFUS: Surely if Jesus could turn water into wine he could turn a pile of lumber into a hut.

ZZ: Unless it’s from Ikea.


ZZ: Not even Jesus can put that shit together.

RUFUS: Supid people are stupid, but stupider people are even more stupid.

RUFUS: How many Alanis Morrisette lyrics do you know?

ZIG ZAG: You ought to know.

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