Your boys Zig Zag and Rufus just got back from a killer Tenacious D show at the Riviera Theater where not only did we get to witness the D rock the house, but we got to keep the security team on their toes by having to routinely chase us away from blocking fire escape zones so that we could actually see the band from behind the crowd of the fully packed venue that we got to just a bit too late. Never-the-less we ultimately ended up with dynamite seats for what was arguably the best part of the show and had a great time, despite ZZ losing the claim ticket for coat check, which means some coat check employee unwittingly walked away that night with an official piece of Sloth memorabilia worth millions. Later, Rufus left his phone in the cab that returned us to the temporary HSHQ in downtown Chicago (e.g. the hotel) but through the power of the Sloth and a $100 reward, the phone was eventually returned. You can see video of the miraculous event below!

Rufus’ lost phone is returned!


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