Our pals The Schisms challenged us to write a song about the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie “Color Out of Space” based on the H.P. Lovecraft story…so we did!

Lyrics & Chords

D7 – D – C – G – D

HP Lovecraft didn’t know how good he had it
When they made a movie out of one of his tales
From an issue of Amazing Stories in 1927 which also featured H.G. Wells

Well, I’m sorry ol’ H.G. but you won’t get to see
One of your tales told by by the saint of our modern age
Only H.P. Lovecraft gets the blessing and healing touch of Nicolas Cage

### CHORUS ###

G – D – Em – C – D

Color Out of Space!
And I’ll sing it at your face
It shall be acted with skill and grace
Color Out of Space!
Massachusetts won’t be the same
When the meteor falls
And here comes Nicolas Cage


HP Lovecraft is my name
Writing horror is my game
I’ll make you think you’re going insane
In the membrane! Uh huh!
I spit out creepy shit with rage
Make your skin crawl page after page
Now on the big screen with my bro Nic Cage!
He gonna make you pop a fear gauge
With acting
To things on screen that’ll get you crapping
Yo pants
So scary
A Hail Mary
is what you’ll be praying
I’m just saying
My boy Nic Cage
Gonna scare yo ass so bad you be sprayin’
Yo self!

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