The Simpsons: Restaurant Names

Here’s a list of (probably) all of the restaurants to appear on The Simpsons. Big T Burgers and Fries Bob’s Big Buddha Bob’s Big Poi Chez Guevara Chez Paree Der Krazy Kraut Facestuffer’s Fatso’s Hash House The Flapjack Stack The French Confection The Frying Dutchman The Gilded Truffle Greaser’s CafĂ© Greasy Joe’s Bottomless Barbecue Pit […]

6 Real World Doodles

Illustrator Marty Cooper draws doodles on transparency film and holds them up over real world scenes for amusing results.

Funny 1960’s Spider-Man Memes

We’ve always known our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler was a bit of a smart ass, but in this pics from the 1960s his smart-assery is off the charts!