HSHH Bonus Track: Post-Post-Apocalypto Show

Your boys Zig Zag and Rufus just got back from a killer Tenacious D show at the Riviera Theater where not only did we get to witness the D rock the house, but we got to keep the security team on their toes by having to routinely chase us away from blocking fire escape zones […]

HSHH #285: It’s a HyperSloth Rising Friday Night Free-for-All!

We’ve risen from the ashes like a drunken phoenix! Join us for a better time tonight than you were going to have on your own. This episoes riveting discussion involves such thrilling topics as: Politics President Trump Getting Carded Healthcare Stephen Hawking Dinty Moore Beef Stew Lady Gaga Reaction Videos Super Hot Corn Chips Hair Gerrymandering

“Don’t Tickle the Pickle” by Monkey Warhol

Another riveting song and video by friend of the Sloth Monkey Warhol! Also check out Monkey Warhol’s “Lovely Lady” video RIGHT HERE! Then scoot on over to Monkey Warhol’s BANDCAMP PAGE and pick up a few EPs!

1986: The Best Year in the History of Mankind

This simple list pretty much proves that 1986 was the best year in the history of mankind, possibly in all the universe. Note that these are based on USA release dates. MOVIES Stand by Me Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Top Gun Aliens Labyrinth Big Trouble in Little China Platoon The Fly Blue Velvet Highlander Little […]