HSHH #278: It’s a Post-Presidential Inauguration Kind of Show!

Join Zig Zag and Rufus for a special Presidential Innauguration episode where, hopefully, they DON’T talk too much about the damn Presidential Innaugruation! Here’s some of the compelling topics we covered in this compelling episode! Buying steaks Human / pig hybrid Pygmalion Bill Gates & Steve Jobs American Genius iPods, iPhones, & iPads Weak chins […]

Funky Looking Aircraft You’ve Never Seen (28 Pics)

Looks like some of these were designed on a dare. “Hey Captain Bob, you think you could make a plane that looks like an upside down tea kettle?” “Well, sure.” “Great. Here’s 40 million dollars.”

Scientists find THC on Meteorite

Image: NotAllowedTo.com Well, this certainly puts a new spin on the phrase “getting high”. Astrophysicists from the University of Hawaii have discovered THC on a meteorite found in 2010 in Nevada. The disturbing part of the story is that apparently this isn’t the first time THCV – another compound found in cannabis with many uique […]