Yoda Tells a Joke

Yoda Tells a Joke

Also, don’t miss our epic list of 10 Unbelievable Facts About Star Wars!

HSHH #258: It’s an Audio Ambush Kind of Tuesday

Rufus flies solo and bores the shit out of everyone. Sounds fun! Such topics are discussed as: Fiverr.com Podcast intros UFOs Securteam hoaxers UFO Theater FOX News Journalism Redneck Star Wars Bill Cosby

10 Unbelievable Facts About Star Wars

Totally unbelievable these facts are! ONE Due to a budget shortfall during Episode IV, 30% of Chewbacca’s costume had to be made with hair found in the drain of Carrie Fisher’s shower. There was so much left over that they were then able to create an entire Bantha from scratch which had been previously removed […]