“Don’t Tickle the Pickle” by Monkey Warhol

Another riveting song and video by friend of the Sloth Monkey Warhol! Also check out Monkey Warhol’s “Lovely Lady” video RIGHT HERE! Then scoot on over to Monkey Warhol’s BANDCAMP PAGE and pick up a few EPs!

HSHH #275: It’s a Snowmaggedon 2017 Friday Night Free-for-All

It’s too cold and dangerous to go out so stay in and listen to Zig Zag and Rufus yak about random stuff! Snowmaggedon…or the Snowpocalypse…whatever you call it is upon us. Kick back and enjoy rivetting discussions about: Snowmaggedon Snowpocalypse Plinko Sumner Redstone Food marketing Banking Taco Bell vs Taco Cabana (again!) Self driving cars […]

Epic “Megaforce” (1982) Flying Motorcycle Scene

Dazzling special effects are on display in this epic flying motorcycle scene from the 1982 movie Megaforce starring Barry Bostwick. The guys on the plane are really acting their asses off. They should have all won awards.

Potion Seller by Justin Kuritzkes

Despite being published in 2011 and having almost 3 million views we just now stumbled across this ridiculous gem. Behold…Potion Seller!

“Lovely Lady” by Monkey Warhol feat. Unicorn Festival

Behold the sonic glory that is “Lovely Lady” by friend of the Sloth Monkey Warhol and featuring Unicorn Festival… Delight your senses with more Monkey Warhol at these fine interweb establishments: http://www.monkeywarhol.com https://monkeywarhol.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/monkeywarhol https://www.facebook.com/monkeywarhol https://twitter.com/monkeywarhol