If you have an idea for an article, image gallery, or video send it our way and we’ll publish it. Good news…OUR STANDARDS ARE VERY LOW!! This means almost anyone can get published!

This sounds great! How much will I get paid?

Absolutely nothing! Sorry, this website isn’t profitable, yet. In fact it’s a financial burden tearing our personal lives and families apart. But we love it, anyway, so we keep it up!

We can’t pay you in money, but we will link to wherever you want a link to. Your own website? Your Facebook page? Your pathetic MySpace page? Sure! And if you’d like, we’ll give you free MP3’s of HyperSloth’s original songs:

Internet Luv Song
Beer is Food
Farmer Song
Fried Eggs and Ham (Bitch)

So, what do ya say? Contact us today to get started!

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